lead case studies Eden

Eden P

BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma Performing Arts Practice

“I chose to do the course because of the great faculty provided for our age and the level of training we are given on a weekly basis. I also choose this course because no other college provides such high quality training and the opportunities to progress.”

“My favourite part of the BTEC course is the family throughout it with the supportive teachers and the personal training you receive. What sets this college apart from the others is the one to one training we get and there is only a small amount of students so they can focus more on our individual development.”

“This college prepares us for future experiences and gets us ready for the next steps in our journey, such as university and audition to the top schools.”

“My future career goal is to be performing professionally on the West-End, Broadway as well as open career paths in film and TV.”

Abbie T

BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma Performing Arts Practice

“Having worked with these tutors previously I knew I was in very good hands. I knew transitioning from school to a full time musical theatre college during a pandemic would be very challenging, however I was excited to embark on my new journey and do what I love everyday.”

“My favourite part of studying on the BTEC is the versatility of the course. We have a wide range of teachers that we get the pleasure of working with every week. Some tutors come as far as London to share their knowledge and help us grow and develop as performers. We train in Musical theatre, Jazz, ballet, tap, commercial, Contemporary/ Lyrical and singing.”

“All my teachers are extremely supportive and only want the best for me. They have all pushed me to be the best version of myself, not only by teaching me valuable lessons about the industry but also installing incredible life experience’ that I will carry with me.”

“My goal as a performer is to work consistently in the industry and be known as a performer who is nice to work with and incredibly versatile. My goal as long as I can remember has been to work in the West End as a leading lady; my dream role and the reason I do this is Fantine from Les Miserables. There are so many other shows I would love to work in one day as well as working in film. I am very open to any work and know sometimes the industry can be very surprising; you can work in genres you never thought possible. I think this is why it’s important to stay versatile as a performer.”

lead case studies Abbie
lead case studies Ethan

Ethan M

BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma Performing Arts Practice

“I chose this college because it was recommended by a friend and after looking into it I loved what LEAD at the NDC learning site had to offer.”

“My favourite thing about the BTEC course is constantly being pushed out of my comfort zone with things that I wasn’t comfortable with prior to the course such as singing and jazz technique.”

“College is helping to support the next steps in my career with the team of intensive teachers and industry pros that come and have workshops with us. This helps me to make connections and see what the current industry is like with their experience in stage performance.”

“My future career goal is to be a successful commercial dancer but be comfortable in all styles to make myself as employable as possible.”

Lukas F

BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma Sport

I joined LEAD Education in 2017. I’ve always had a passion for the outdoors and adventure sport. I’d been looking to join a course in the outdoors and when LEAD said they were going to run this programme I joined right away.”

This BTEC programme helped me achieve my career goals. I learned a lot of new skills on this programme and gained national governing body awards that helped me move on into an apprenticeship after graduating with LEAD.” 

I was employed by South Tyneside Council to work over in Thurston (Lake District) for 2 years where I gained higher coaching awards and developed my leadership skills. I’m now at university, enjoying a degree programme in Scotland. LEAD Education helped me hugely to get where I am right now and I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in sport and outdoor coaching.”

lead case studies Lukas
lead case studies Alex

Alex A

BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma Sport

“LEAD Education gave me the opportunity to learn practical skills that I use with my work life and my day to day life. LEAD helped me gain confidence which greatly improved my presentational skills. I went from struggling to speak in front of a handful of people to doing full site safety briefs to whole schools.”

“I left LEAD with a BTEC extended diploma in outdoor education at grade DDD and lots of useful outdoor qualifications, the most important one being my first aid qualification. I have since worked in the Scottish Cairngorms and London and have had the opportunity to practice my skills on white water in Devon and the Lake District. I currently work as a candidate coordinator hiring people who could make great Teaching Assistants, Cover Supervisors and Qualified Teachers. I hope to work alongside Lead in the future and help provide opportunities for the amazing young talent they always develop.”

“LEAD is unlike any other course. You are handpicked as an individual on your potential. If you take the opportunities you are provided and put the effort into extra activities you will leave as an extremely attractive candidate to any employer whether that be in the outdoor industry, the teaching industry or further training. The skills you learn make you a step above.”

“Our aim is to make sure all learners enjoy their learning journey with us and maximise their full potential. By working closely with schools, colleges and industry specific specialists, we’re able to provide a pipeline of talent which will benefit the UK and the wider economy”
Steve Mann – LEAD Education Director