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A North-East based training provider offering high quality education & development courses incorporating leadership and adventure. LEAD Education is a BTEC approved registered centre.

Find your inner leader

At LEAD Education we thrive in an environment where we can have fun, develop and inspire learners, individuals and teams whilst maintaining the highest standards of professional service.

We achieve this through utilising our expert, highly qualified teaching & coaching staff. Our staff have a wealth of experience and possess the motivation to develop individuals of all ages and from diverse backgrounds.

We believe that everyone can make progress and achieve. Our aim is to facilitate this through our high-quality education courses, developmental leadership skills and bespoke outdoor and adventurous activities.

Here at LEAD we add that personal touch to each learner’s experience through self-reflection, guidance, positive communication and support. We are passionate about supporting learners on a personal level with regards to teaching, learning and development.

We are also passionate that our learners enjoy their journey with us, developing, learning and becoming a stronger leader themselves. In order to achieve this; everyone will be guided by a team of highly experienced and motivated staff who will support and cater to individual needs throughout this adventurous learning journey.

Steve Mann
Director of LEAD Education

Huge thanks to you and your team Steve, for giving our children this fabulous opportunity and being so passionate in your work with them. You are truly leading them by great example.


Just been to a brilliant open night at LEAD Education, I can honestly say this is the most amazing opportunity and any school leavers interested in this field would be a fool not to take the opportunity. Wish I was 16 again so I could do it.


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